Columbia Counseling Center

The Columbia Counseling Center has maintained a well established reputation for high quality, responsive and professional Psychological and Psychiatric Services. The Center offers individual, marital and couple therapy, family therapy, medication management, and psychological testing for adults, adolescents, and children by Maryland Licensed Psychologists and Board Certified Psychiatrists in a coordinated team approach all in one Center. The Columbia Counseling Center receives referrals from all medical specialties including Primary Care Physicians, Neurologists, Pediatricians, Cardiologists, Endocrinologists, Obstetricians and Gynecologists in the community and coordinates care with many local physicians to provide Integrated Medical, Psychiatric and Psychological Services. Psychiatric Evaluations and Medication Management offered by the Board Certified Psychiatrists are a significant part of the treatment program. The Center also provides Forensic Services to the legal community including the provision of expert testimony and psychodiagnostic testing for security clearances, alcohol and substance abuse problems, parental fitness and bariatric evaluations. In addition to Psychological Testing and Evaluations for diagnosis and treatment planning, referrals for educational assessments for ADHD and Learning Disabilities are received from both private and public schools. Columbia Counseling Center has been known in the community for expertise in providing Marital Therapy and Couples Therapy as a specialty with primary focus on promoting conflict resolution versus divorce.

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