Psychological & Neuropsychological Testing

Assessment and evaluation for accurate diagnoses of intellectual/personality functioning to obtain the best treatment modality.
Psychological & Neuropsychological Testing

Psychological & Neuropsychological Testing Overview

In order to determine an accurate diagnosis with respect to personality and intellectual functioning, a psychological evaluation may be helpful. Your doctor may require a more in-depth assessment for depression, anxiety, attentional issues, or concerns about behavior.

Neuropsychological evaluation is provided for diagnoses for individuals who may be suffering from brain injury due to accidents, cerebrovascular accidents such as stroke, dementia, memory impairments due to aging and other medical disorders. Neuropsychological testing and cognitive rehabilitation is offered for adults and adolescents to diagnose and promote the return of optimal functioning with respect to academic or occupational performance , and assist in the best possible return to everyday functioning.

How Columbia Counseling Can Help

Columbia Counseling Center offers a full range of psychological and neuropsychological testing and evaluation. Accurate assessment and diagnoses are important for treatment planning for adults and children who may be experiencing difficulty in social, occupational, and academic functioning. Adults with cognitive impairment, memory problems, possible dementia due to stroke may benefit from testing and evaluation. Call the Columbia Counseling Center and schedule an appointment for an Initial Evaluation.

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