Eating Disorders

Weight management for obesity, emotional/stress eating, bulimia-purging, restrictive behaviors, anorexia, require rebalancing the whole person.
Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders Overview

Eating disorders can be a life long struggle. The best strategy is to seek treatment with eating issues before they become serious or life threatening. The best tool is to reach for help with eating issues before they become serious or life threatening. Patients often present with varying degrees of eating disordered behaviors. These include: binge eating, restricting, purging, obesity, unhealthy eating habits with improper nutrition and weight management concerns. Patients may be self referred or referred by inpatient programs including St. Joseph’s and Sheppard-Pratt Hospital. These patients often require outpatient follow up treatment.
Adolescents often experience significant pressure from peers with respect to eating patterns and body image. In addition, compulsive exercise is an unhealthy pattern when taken to the extreme and often ads to the complexity of eating disorders. Seek assistance with learning healthy patterns of eating and feeling good about weight and body image.

How Columbia Counseling Can Help

Call the Columbia Counseling Center to meet with a doctor trained to assist you with development of a healthy pattern of eating.

Common Themes
  • Anorexia and Bulimia
  • Restrictive eating
  • Binge eating and purging
  • Self injurious behavior patterns
  • Rebalancing healthy eating patterns

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