Stress Management

Improving Coping Strategies for a healthy balance managing relationships, work demands, financial pressures, parent-child and care taker issues.
Stress Management

Stress Management Overview

Relaxation techniques can reduce stress levels and improve the quality of life both physically and psychologically. Constant headaches, fatigue, low energy can occur as you attempt to cope with work, family, or relationship stressors. Sometimes support is needed to assist in following through with medical recommendations to decrease your stress level, and improve your diet and exercise program.

How Columbia Counseling Can Help

Call the Columbia Counseling Center and see a Psychologist to assist you with the development of a healthier life style focused on an individualized plan involving stress managament techniques. Rebalancing responsibiities, priorities, relationship issues can be accomplished with a clear plan and the support needed to maximize your well being.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Overwhelmed with life’s pressure
  • Chronic tension headaches and fatigue
  • Health issues
  • Smoking cessation
  • Imbalanced work and family life

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