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The Latest Treatment Plan

Last Fall (2016) I attended the Psychiatric Congress in Miami, Florida.  Having attended their meetings in previous years, I was looking forward to hearing the latest, up tp date, state of the art, treatments and medication protocols for depression, anxiety and bi polar disorders.  The speakers were all prominent clinicians and research scientists in the field.  Thousands of articles  in psychiatry and psychology are published every year and the pharmaceutical companies are constantly developing new medications, or combining current medications in new combinations. Conferences often provide an opportunity for busy clinicians, focused on patient care, to learn about the latest pharmacological  and psychological treatment protocols.

After 100 years of psychiatric and psychological science and millions of dollars spent on research and development, here are the latest recommendations for good mental health:

  1. Diet- eat a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables, low fat, high fiber, protein from chicken and fish.
  2. Sleep – get 8 hours of sleep every day.
  3. Exercise –  stay active, even walking at a moderate pace as if you are late to catch a train) exercise at least three times each week.
  4. Meditate – twenty minutes, twice each day,  Meditation and mindfulness improve attention, cognitive function and stabilize mood.
  5. Good social relationships – family and friends are important for wellness. Being connected to others improves health and bolsters the immune system .

So, the formula is quite simple: Diet Sleep Exercise, Meditate, and stay connected.  It is interesting to note that Hippocrates’ advice about 2,000 years ago parallels the “modern” approach to health. Hippocrates guidelines were: healthy food, sunlight exercise, water therapy and herbs. By following these guidelines it is possible to stabilize mood, moderate depression and anxiety and take charge of our mental and physical wellbeing.

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