While some providers may have openings sooner then others, please call the office to get a better understanding of our next available.

While every insurance plan / policy can differ between a basic copay, a deductible (amount to be paid before the insurance will pay) and a coinsurance (percentage after the deductible that you are responsible for), the staff at Columbia Counseling Center will try to verify benefits before your appointment.  As this is a courtesy to the patients, we ask that you also call your insurance to better understand your plan and benefits available to you.

Therapy sessions are usually 50 minutes. Patients are seen on a weekly basis in the initial course of therapy. The frequency of visits may be increased or decreased depending on the needs of the patient. Medication management patients are seen for an initial visit with follow-up visits on a bi-monthly basis,with less frequent visits once an effective balance is established.

The center currently accepts only Commercial insurance such as Medicare , CareFirst, Blue Choice, United Healthcare, John Hopkins EHP, Mutual of Omaha, AARP, GEHA and United Integrated. Please have your insurance information available upon scheduling an appointment and a Front Deck Receptionist can better assist you if your insurance is not listed above .

The therapists and doctors are all licensed board certified professionals, with specialty training in their areas of expertise.. They have fulfilled requirements for advanced graduate and post graduate degrees, internships, residencies, State and National examinations. In addition, they have many years of clinical experience.

Relationship issues are a primary focus of treatment at the Center. Therapeutic approaches improve communication, stability, and enhance the quality of the relationship.

The Center is known for assisting those couples who are considering marriage. Pre-Marital Counseling involves exploring various aspects of the relationship with respect to multiple dimensions of compatibility such as: communication styles, intimacy, family planning, division of responsibility with chores and finances,

The Center is known for assisting couples who present with a variety of issues including problems with honesty, trust, fidelity, intimacy and maintaining appropriate boundaries within their relationship. Counseling involves helping couples to strengthen their relationships with respect to commitment and fidelity.

Counseling services are available for people who are involved in gay relationships to resolve the complexities often experienced in these types of relationships.

Independently Licensed Child Psychologists provide services including psychological testing to assess and evaluate a child’s academic and intellectual functioning to determine whether they may have Attention Deficits, learning difficulties, and other academic or behavioral adjustment problems. Treatment is provided to assist the child in developing coping strategies and acquire special accommodations for the classroom setting (IEP’s)

Psychological evaluation with computerized testing to accurately diagnose ADHD is provided by psychologists who can make recommendations for treatment strategies to assist your child in achieving the best performance.

Medication evaluation and management is provided by the psychiatrists who carefully and conservatively evaluate the need for medication for children with ADHD.

“Patients who have been diagnosed properly with a BiPolar Disorder benefit from medication to stabilize mood and promote a healthy balance in their lives. Patients on medication are carefully monitored for changes that may occur in their moods. Therapeutic and pharmacologic intervention are often recommended concomitantly to achieve the most enduring and effective treatment.”

Eating disorders are often seen particularly in female adolescents including restrictive eating patterns with compulsive exercise, purging, Bulimia, bingeing, use of laxatives. These are serious issues which require comprehensive care from psychiatrists and psychologists to develop and promote healthy eating habits while assisting the teenager to understand the issues involved in unhealthy self destructive patterns.