Thomas Sixbey, M.D.

Board-Certified Psychiatrist

Dr. Thomas Sixbey is a Board Certified Psychiatrist with 17 years of clinical practice and experience in adult psychiatry including Inpatient and Outpatient settings. He completed his Medical Degree and Internship at the University of Pittsburgh in 1998. Dr. Sixbey is a Johns Hopkins trained psychiatrist with expertise in several areas of psychiatry, including geriatrics, consult liaison psychiatry,  mood disorders, anxiety disorders, traumatic brain injury, schizophrenia, and forensics.  Dr. Sixbey ’s clinical experience includes medical director of an adult psychiatry inpatient unit as well as treating inpatient and outpatient PTSD/traumatic brain injury patients at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. He has training in the interface between psychiatric and somatic issues.

Dr. Sixbey maintains a primary focus in psychopharmacological care with close attention to behavioral and somatic issues when formulating diagnoses and providing treatment.  Clinical approach involves understanding the whole person in conjunction with psychiatric issues within the context of an individual’s life story, personality and behaviors. Dr. Sixbey provides medication evaluation and management for primarily adults, ages 18 and older.  He focuses on solutions based on the presenting person and problem with an individualized approach, rather than attempting to fit everyone into the same therapeutic modality.  Dr. Sixbey utilizes a conservative and evidence based approach to treatment.