Samuel Woldemichael LCPC, CAC-AD

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Samuel Woldemichael LCPC, CAC-AD

My name is Samuel and I have deep respect and admiration for any person willing to seek improvement in a therapeutic environment. I was born in Ethiopia, raised in Maryland. I have worked as a counselor/therapist since 2004 and have had great success working with people to improve their quality of life. My approach to therapy is to treat each person as a unique individual with potential to improve emotional health. Often times, emotional injuries such as abandonment, betrayal, injustice and rejection can cause long term damage, preventing us from experiencing peace of mind or joy. Similar to physical injuries, emotional injuries can heal if treated with the proper amount of care and nurture. Therapy is a tool to learn how to heal emotional injuries, and trauma, in order to have the strength to strive towards our ultimate potential. Depression, anxiety, anger and many other symptoms are often the byproduct of unresolved emotional injuries. Also, therapy is able to increase self-awareness in order to form better relationships with loved ones and stop a cycle of despair and self-destructive behavior. I wish you the best in your journey towards wellbeing.”

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