Robert Greenstone, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Robert Greenstone is a licensed psychologist in Maryland and has a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Albizu University in Miami, FL. He has served diverse mental health communities since 2009 in both Florida and Maryland. Dr. Greenstone uses integrative, personalized interventions for adults, children, couples, and families to address core issues. Areas of expertise include ADHD, social skill development, anxiety disorders, and mood disorders. He has provided psychological services in private and forensic settings and enjoys helping clients resolve addiction, trauma, and relationship issues that have caused destruction in their lives.

Dr. Greenstone began facilitating group therapies (Substance Abuse, Anger Management, Parenting Education) in 2012 and exploring the dynamics of the group process continues to be one of his main passions. His doctoral dissertation on applying both individual and group therapy to court-mandated adults with substance addiction allowed Dr. Greenstone to better understand the importance of healing childhood traumas that can go hand in hand with destructive patterns. Other skills and experiences include conducting psychological evaluations, substance abuse evaluations, and parental fitness evaluations for court systems. He is qualified to use empirically-validated testing measures to better assess personality, intelligence, emotional state, and risk factors.