Jeanne Serafin, M.D.


Dr. Serafin is a board certified psychiatrist with over 30 years of clinical experience in general psychiatry. While Dr. Serafin does medication management at The Columbia Counseling Center she does medication management and psychotherapy in her private practice so she takes a balanced approach to medication management. She emphasizes self-compassion in her approach to clients. Being trained through the Harvard Medical School, Dr. Serafin takes a science-based approach to medication management offering state-of-the-art treatments. She does a very careful evaluation looking for any medical factors that could be contributing the mental health issues.

She also does a review of diet, exercise, and spiritual approaches to mental health issues. She is a long-term meditator herself. Areas of speciality include anxiety, depression, insomnia and ADHD. She communicates with therapists when it would benefit the client.

Dr. Serafin is pleased to be working at Columbia Counseling Center and would be happy to offer an evaluation to you.