Gregory Pelletier, LCPC

Licensed Psychologist

Gregory Pelletier is a licensed clinical professional counselor. He specializes in adults struggling with anxiety, depression, grief/loss, relationship difficulties, ADHD, and trauma. He focuses on treating each patient as a unique individual and seeks to understand them from their specific life experience. He works collaboratively with them to develop a mindfulness perspective to address anxiety, sadness, and depression to experience a sense of peace and joy in their life. He works with each client to provide a feeling of acceptance, understanding, safety, and security to explore and resolve the obstacles preventing them from flourishing. Greg believes in encouraging and empowering the person to be curious to understand their patterns of thinking, feeling, and relating that are an obstacle to personal power, fulfillment, and happiness is vital to the process. Greg’s approach to therapy is to help the person reduce negative/painful self-judgment and self-criticism, and to increase self-acceptance, self-awareness, resilience, creating behavior changes to follow through on issues being avoided. He works with the client to help facilitate the development of strategies to learn to love rather to protect against fear; to develop a sense of freedom and motivation to pursue their unique desires, life goals, and dreams.