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The Game Of Rescue: BE Careful, You May Become A Victim.

Offering to help someone who is in need of assistance just seems like the right thing to do. We’ve all had the opportunity to lend a helping hand, or go out of our way for a friend, relative or even a total stranger. The scene, more than twenty-five years ago, of that fireman diving into the freezing waters of the Potomac River to save victims of a passenger jet that crashed while taking off from National Airport during an ice storm lingers in my mind.…

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Self Help Books: Choose, but choose wisely

When people come to treatment, they will often ask me to recommend books that they might read to assist them in solving the problems that are challenging their lives. They gaze at the books, which line the shelves in my office, possibly expecting that some perfect kernel of wisdom is hidden within one of those tomes (if paperbacks can be tomes).…

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