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The Emotional Bank Account

By: Dr. Larry Grubb If you are involved with Facebook you’ve probably had the experience where you read a comment a friend wrote about you and you immediately say “I can’t believe what she said about me! I trusted her! I’ll never speak to her again!” Your friend just made a huge withdrawal from her Emotional Bank Account (EBA) with you and it will take a lot of work to refill the account and repair the relationship.…

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Total Wellness and Mental Health

Your diet, what you do to take care of yourself and how you lead your life all have a direct impact on both physical and mental wellbeing. In fact, the immune system and our physiological status can be influenced by what we do on a daily basis. Dr. Nick R.S. Hall at the University of South Florida lecturing on the Mind-Body connection offered the following guidelines for maintaining a healthy body and a positive and effective psychological state: Keep blood sugar low (fasting glucose = 100);…

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