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As a leading treatment provider in the DMV for the last 40 years, Columbia Counseling Center continues to look for innovative ways to provide mental health services to the...

Thank The Person Who You Don’t Like

Thank The Person Who You Don’t Like

By Dr. Larry Grubb I once worked with a man who I would feel angry towards every time we got together. I just couldn’t understand why he bothered me so much. It was only...

The Emotional Bank Account

By: Dr. Larry Grubb If you are involved with Facebook you’ve probably had the experience where you read a comment a friend wrote about you and you immediately say “I can’t...

Total Wellness and Mental Health

Your diet, what you do to take care of yourself and how you lead your life all have a direct impact on both physical and mental wellbeing. In fact, the immune system and our...

The Latest Treatment Plan

Last Fall (2016) I attended the Psychiatric Congress in Miami, Florida.  Having attended their meetings in previous years, I was looking forward to hearing the latest, up tp...

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